I am the fourth generation of canners in my family. With over 100 hundred years of food preservation experience, Dos Amigos Foods, LLC ("Dos Amigos Foods") is the first commercial attempt to bring readily available, great tasting food to the masses.

Growing up on the farm, growing what you ate wasn’t just in vogue, it was a necessity. From the garden to the cellar, to the table. That was the cycle. And you planted and canned more than you could eat in the next year, in case there was a bad season. It was a time when you shared the success of your harvests with family and friends.

Dos Amigos Foods has developed a great tasting organic salsa and we think you’ll love it. So, how did an Account Executive and an Electrical Engineer decide to make some of the world’s best tasting salsa? Glad you asked.

He would do 100 push-ups each morning before going to high school and he was at the top of his class in academics. I respected that from a distance although we were not close friends at the time. He was a linebacker and I was a fullback. When playing high school football, you get to know people and what they’re made of. David was an inspiration to me at various levels. And after successful high school athletic careers we traveled different paths to college.

It wasn’t until a few years into college, our paths crossed again. This time working together as life guards at a state resort park. After the responsibility of maintaining everyone’s safety, it was a great job. On rainy days when no one was at the pool, we would through lounge chairs into the deep end and make underwater obstacle courses for practice. When that got boring, we would have water wrestling matches in the deep end. Kind of like water polo, except the objective was to submerge the other person. We would have tournaments like professional wrestling, with corresponding nicknames. And lastly, there were the diving competitions from the low board. How creative could you get with no rules? It was all good, however, it was all business in maintaining the safety of the patrons. We never lost sight of our priorities.

Afterwards, we finished school and began our careers. He had gone into Accounting and I went into Electrical Engineering. Years later we reconvened again. Both of us still maintained a strong foundation in the health and fitness lifestyle. And, after getting reacquainted in mid-2015, we noticed an absence of a good tasting, organic salsa in the marketplace. There were a few on the shelves, however, they were inconsistent and didn’t have a good taste to us. Pulling from our professional experiences and over 100 years of canning experience in my family, we completed the research and decided there was an opportunity to enter the marketplace with a great organic salsa. And, after months and months of research and development, we arrived at what we believe is the best tasting salsa in the world. It tastes great, looks good, has excellent nutritional content, it’s convenient and goes well at every meal. And it’s just a great meal by itself. Not everyone is as passionate about salsa as we are, we believe it’s should be a mainstay in everyone’s diet. It works for us and it can work for you and your family. Muchas Gracias!